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No School Left Behind

How to Increase Student Achievement

By Myles I. Friedman

ISBN 0-9666588-3-3

6" X 9" soft cover
130 pages

$23.90 (includes sh/h)

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Evidence-based solutions offered include:
How to prevent student failure
How to make teaching more effective
How parents can help their children succeed in school
How student testing can be reduced and improved
How to control school violence
How high school graduates can be better prepared for work and college
How to teach students to innovate

The book includes a school rating scale that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of any school.
Table of Contents Section

1. Overcoming Obstacles
2. A New Beginning
3. Effective Instructional Strategies
4. Instructional Programs
5. The Power of Tutoring
6. Time Management
7. Motivation to Learn
8. Sensible Testing
9. Key Scientific Facts
10.Gateways to Achievement
11. School Effectiveness Checklist

"The failures and shortcomings of public schools have resulted in the staggering statistic of 80 million undereducated Americans, according to Friedman, head of a nonprofit organization that gathers research on teaching methods. In this very plainspoken book, Friedman weighs in on the debate about what is wrong with public schools and how to fix them. He criticizes the usual solutions that are offered to ailing school systems: small class sizes, ability grouping, whole-language instruction...Instead, he advocates very basic teaching techniques: repetition; readiness that prepares children to learn particular skills; corrective instruction: quizzing students until they grasp concepts; and one-on-one tutoring and instruction. He advises using simple tools from performance motivators to memory joggers to boost student achievement. Friedman backs up his advice with research on the effectiveness of teaching methods and offers parents and teachers simple, sound advice on helping children to learn."

Vanessa Bush in BOOKLIST, January 2005. American Library Association

"After reading your publication parents and others will have a good understanding of what makes schools effective and how to find out if their children's school is effective."

Dr. Anne Bryant, Executive Director, National School Boards Association

"In the all important task of making sure this nation's children have every opportunity to receive a quality education, we were pleased to have been asked for input and feedback."

Dr. Pamela J. Grotz, Executive Director, National PTA